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PostSubject: -·=»‡«=·- BEETLES RULEZ -·=»‡«=·-   -·=»‡«=·- BEETLES RULEZ -·=»‡«=·- Icon_minitimeSat 02 Feb 2008, 12:26 pm

General rules for everyone

Like a Star @ heaven Before proceeding further in the forum, The beginners lounge should be your first stop after registration.
The only languages which should be spoken are English/Dhivehi, Anyone found using a different language will be banned on sight.

Like a Star @ heaven Respect the forum staff, their word is final. Do not argue with them.

Like a Star @ heaven If you find someone/a post abusive, please report the post to the forum's moderator, OR, if the there is no moderator assigned for that certain forum, PM the post along with the poster's username to an admin.

Like a Star @ heaven Double posts are STRICLY prohibited, if you make a double post by mistake, request an admin or a mod to delete the post.

Like a Star @ heaven Please try to make an effort on grammar when posting. We recommend not to use SMS language. eg:- (r u sk8in?), As its very annoying.

Like a Star @ heaven DO NOT post offtopic-posts, whenever you post an article, make sure it relates to the topic title or description.

Image posting

Like a Star @ heaven If you want to post an image, firstly, go to www.imageshack.us, click "browse" and select your desired image, and then upload it, Imageshack.us will provide you a direct link, Copy that. Now come back to BEETLES, Click the "insert image button", and paste the link you copied from Imageshack. Still if you don't understand anything, feel free to PM me for help.

Like a Star @ heaven Recommended image hosts are, www.servimg.com, www.photobucket.com and www.imageshack.us.

Like a Star @ heaven Make sure your images doesn't take up the whole page space.

Bitun pics posting

Like a Star @ heaven When posting pics in the "bitun section", make sure you watermark the pics with either BEETLES logo, or BEETLES url, To do this, you need a graphics editing program, Even MS Paint would be ok, I suppose you DO YOU KNOW what MS paint is. and please try not to post pics you got from other forums.

Like a Star @ heaven Do not start a chat in the bitun section, Talks are HIGHLY PROHIBITED there, and If we admins find anyone fighting/chatting there, we will ban you.

Thank you for reading our rules, enjoy BEETLES.
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